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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Today I saw something really amazing, I want checked my O2 mac address. So I visited O2 web site ( ). Well I could not find that I was looking for, but something distracted me. The O2 XDA Zinc was the one. It really “sleek”, damn its good. It has so many features.

Well, here are the specification of the phone it self :
109(L) x 58(W) x 22.6(T) mm
Weight with battery: 175g

2.8" TFT LCD display with touch panel
320 x 240 dots resolution
65K colour

Operating System:
Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 5.0

Operating Time: ^
Standby: 220 hours
Talk time up to 5 hours
^ Battery operation time is dependent on user's
usage, system settings and configurations

Built-in Wireless LAN 802.11b+g^
Mini-USB port
Audio jack (2.5mm Ø)
Infrared IrDA
^Actual data transfer speed is dependent on range, connection rate, site conditions and network

Intel XScale® PXA 270 Processor
at 520MHz + Intel Hermon

Network Frequency:
Tri-band GSM 900/1800/1900
^device connection is operator dependent

128MB Flash ROM
MiniSD expandable memory
2 Megapixels CMOS Fixed-focus camera
Preview mirror for self portrait
Secondary VGA camera for video calls
White LED strobe flash
Support still image and video capture

Memory: Camera:
128MB Flash ROM
MiniSD expandable memory

Stereo speaker
Playback support: MIDI, MP3, WMA, WAV, AMR-NB, AAC
Ringtone support: 64-chord MIDI, MP3, WAV

Can you see that ? Extraordinary eh ? Well, you can check it for further information here !!

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Pocket Putty For Windows Mobile

Every Administrator needs to manage their Servers, well yesterday I was looking for something that can remote my servers. After set up my GPRS couple days ago, I was urging to find this “remote” thing.

Then GOOGLE is the right answer to search the “remote” thing for me. Here are the keywords that I was looking “putty windows mobile”, and google found something like this . Well ok, that was a nice start, after reading and trying to download it, the site redirecting me to the . Im so thrilled while in my mind I said , “Wow thats great, finally I can remote my server from anywhere and anytime”. I chose PocketPutty 0.1 for Windows Mobile 2003. The site give a zip extension, so you need to unzip it before using it. And copy the .exe to the Windows Mobile (which I'm using WM 2003 SE).

Tested it, and it run fine. But, I found some trouble with the connection thing. I tried to SSH-ing my web server, which needed internet connection. So I thought that Putty would ask me what connection I should use. Well, because I was so frustrated, so I connected my GPRS phone thru the web browser. And then I resumed to remote my server, after input my server's IP then I click OK. And my server ask me to receive RSA key, I tapped yes. And....voilla, “I'm in !!”. I got connected, after checking and viewing what was the problem with this thing. I realized that the type pad blocking my console screen, the screen didn't resize as the way it supposed to. Well, that's another bug to fix.

But, most of it I thank personally to all the Pocket Putty Team. They made it !!

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Set Up GPRS On O2

How to set GPRS and MMS with your O2. Only for Satelindo MATRIX (Pre-Paid).
Some of you (O2 users) have difficulty to set up a GPRS connection and also MMS.
I hope this article could help to set up your GPRS and MMS. And thanks to Mr. Rommy Indira Putra, which help me to configure my GPRS and MMS, and he also allowed me to publish it on my blog. Thanks pal, for lovely article.

Enough with the chit chat thing, lets get this started, ok ?
First I want you to know what O2 you have, there are so many of 'em.
For example : XDA II, XDA II MINI, XDA IIs, XDA IIi etc.
Now, I'm using XDA II MINI ( Windows Mobile 2003 SE/Second Edition).

So this was how I configured my GPRS :
1.Start Menu Options.
2.Go to Settings options.
3.Click on the Connections Tab
4.And choose the Connections Icon (on my O2).
5.Tap on the “Add a New Modem Connection”
6.Enter Your Connection name ( go what ever you like) example : SAT
7.Pick a modem now, choose the “Cellular Line (GPRS)”
8.Tap “Next” button.
9.And it will ask you about AP (Access Point) name, fill it with this name “”
10.“Next” again.
11.Just leave the user and password thing, jump to the next page.
12.Tap the Finish Button and you are finish.
13.Try to browse with what ever your browser is.

And wait for my next article about “Set Up MMS connection”, because I'm still testing it now.

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