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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Manipulating with pfctl

Stay with your OpenBSD tho, coz its so much fun. This tutorial about working with pf and pfctl. Specially with tables, we can manipulate the table using the pfctl.

Tables can be manipulated on the fly by using pfctl(8). For instance, to add entries to the table created above:

# pfctl -t spammers -T add

This will also create the table if it doesn't already exist. To list the addresses in a table:

# pfctl -t spammers -T show

The -v argument can also be used with -T show to display statistics for each table entry. To remove addresses from a table:

# pfctl -t spammers -T delete

For more information on manipulating tables with pfctl, please read the pfctl(8) manpage.

This howto taken from the OpenBSD PF FAQ


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