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Monday, May 28, 2007

Make Dansguardian as Content Scanner

After so long I haven't post anything, so this time I post something that might helping you to make content scanner for Dansguardian. Well, this plugin really works fine. But,it has side effect your client's browser will get slower than it used to.

Here are the steps to make clamd as a content scanner. Edit your dansguardian.conf (/etc/dansguardian or /etc/webguardian or your own dansguardian's conf dir)

Comment out this :
contentscanner = '/etc/webguardian/contentscanners/clamdscan.conf'.
And edit the /etc/webguardian/contentscanners/clamdscan.conf.

# edit this to match the location of your ClamD UNIX domain socket
clamdudsfile = '/tmp/clamd'

And now we all set to go, make sure you already have dansguardian on your system and already running well.


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