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Monday, February 05, 2007

Set Up GPRS On O2

How to set GPRS and MMS with your O2. Only for Satelindo MATRIX (Pre-Paid).
Some of you (O2 users) have difficulty to set up a GPRS connection and also MMS.
I hope this article could help to set up your GPRS and MMS. And thanks to Mr. Rommy Indira Putra, which help me to configure my GPRS and MMS, and he also allowed me to publish it on my blog. Thanks pal, for lovely article.

Enough with the chit chat thing, lets get this started, ok ?
First I want you to know what O2 you have, there are so many of 'em.
For example : XDA II, XDA II MINI, XDA IIs, XDA IIi etc.
Now, I'm using XDA II MINI ( Windows Mobile 2003 SE/Second Edition).

So this was how I configured my GPRS :
1.Start Menu Options.
2.Go to Settings options.
3.Click on the Connections Tab
4.And choose the Connections Icon (on my O2).
5.Tap on the “Add a New Modem Connection”
6.Enter Your Connection name ( go what ever you like) example : SAT
7.Pick a modem now, choose the “Cellular Line (GPRS)”
8.Tap “Next” button.
9.And it will ask you about AP (Access Point) name, fill it with this name “”
10.“Next” again.
11.Just leave the user and password thing, jump to the next page.
12.Tap the Finish Button and you are finish.
13.Try to browse with what ever your browser is.

And wait for my next article about “Set Up MMS connection”, because I'm still testing it now.


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