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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

First Time, Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy

It's been along time that I never use another OS for my desktop. Well this time I really went for it, I really installed it. After downloaded the iso, I just installed it, and after that my jaw was dropped. Looking the effects that Ubuntu has offer me...

Cool themes, cool effects ...everything so amazed me at the first time. Comparing my previous OS, its so 'square' ^_^ I followed all the Ubuntu instructions, it told me to upgrade the system.

Well then I changed the repo, taken from the local repo, here at Indonesian repo, so it was kinda fast. And sure I was glad, and also I installed my restricted driver for my ATI card.

But, after all the upgrade was done, I rebooted and I found something that really bothered me. I lost all the effects. Cause of the ATI wont let me use it, damn eh.

I tried to work on it, but it kept failed. Maybe next time I will succeed. Coz I aint got time to do that now...

The conclusion is I love it, well Im happy tho.


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