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Monday, June 25, 2007

diskd On OpenBSD

How to make your diskd working stable and fine as you expected ? Well here are couple steps you need to follow. Well, no need to push harder this time tho.First we need edit the kernel, maybe you need to make your own kernel and compile it. First you need to copy your default kernel,at this case your GENERIC and add couple lines to the nu kernel. I copy my GENERIC kernel and rename it to DISKD.

## meSSage queuE
option MSGMNB=16384 # max characters per message queue
option MSGMNI=40 # max number of message queue identifiers
option MSGSEG=2048 # max number of message segments in the system
option MSGSSZ=64 # size of a message segment (Must be 2^N)
option MSGTQL=1024 # max amount of messages in the system


Those lines taken from the Squid-Cache. And lil bit tweaking at the /etc/sysctl.conf

kern.maxclusters=65535 #Default 6144
kern.maxvnodes=8192 #Default 1310
kern.maxfiles=8192 #Default 1772

Thanks to vty220@jogja, and those are my default. And after it you have to compile and install nu kernel. Have a nice diskd tho .. ciao

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