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Monday, October 29, 2007

FluxBox 1.0 Came Again

Fluxbox came up again after 1 year, many bug fixes and lots of themes check it all tho ...

• New default style: bloe
• New styles: ostrich zimek_darkblue, zimek_green, zimek_bisque, carp, arch, bora_black, bora_blue, bora_green, green_tea, bloe
• Fixed shape handling, now shaped corners have border
• Allow negative numbers in command "Workspace"
• Added utility fluxbox-remote
• Allows script access to most fluxbox
• Support must be turned on in the init file with session.screen.allowRemoteActions; the syntax is, e.g., fluxbox-remote "CustomMenu ~/.fluxbox/custommenu"
• Added keycommands :AddWorkspace and :RemoveLastWorkspace
• Added some missing Open Office entries and window managers, plus some other minor changes in fluxbox-generate_menu

Updated languages:

• Swedish
• Chinese
• German
• Spanish
• English (US)
• English (UK)
• Russian
• French
• Finnish
• Portuguese

Through the bug fixes we can see updates for compiling with gcc 4.3, fixed resource usage due to Skype 1.4, fix submenu placement with xinerama after moving the menu between heads, fixed some window placement issues and many many more. For a detailed changelog, please visit this page.

What is Fluxbox?

Fluxbox is a window manager for UNIX/Linux and BSD operating systems. It's based on the Blackbox 0.61.1 code. Fluxbox looks like Blackbox and handles styles, colors, window placement and similar things exactly like Blackbox (100% theme/style compatibility).

• Configurable window tabs
• Iconbar (for minimized/iconified windows)
• Wheel scroll changes workspace
• Configurable titlebar (placement of buttons, new buttons etc)
• KDE support
• New native integrated keygrabber (supports emacs like keychains)
• Maximize over slit option
• Partial GNOME support
• Extended Window Manager Hints support
• Slit dockap ordering


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