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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Why OpenBSD ?

After 7 months I have been using OpenBSD, I never so right about the OS that I chose. This puffy really rocks. From the freedom till the security, Theo and the other developers really pay attention to its community.

Today I read the and found that Linux use the Reyk's driver (Atheros wireless driver) and try GPL'd the driver. Last time they attacked OpenBSD developer in public, and I hope that OpenBSD wont do the same thing like Linux Developers did.

And noticed that, Theo is trying to make better OS. As I quoted his words :
"Then along came Reyk, and a few others who helped him, who wrote a
completely free replacement for the non-free atheros driver. But did
the NetBSD and FreeBSD developers choose to participate and help him?

No, in fact they actively work through postings to reduce developer's
desire to work with Reyk. A few years ago there were even core
developers in those projects passing along a meme that Reyk's code was
illegal or immoral in some sense. Shame on them.
",Theo said.

Well, I know Theo dance on them. But, Theo hit the jackpot once again this time. And NetBSD and FreeBSD should think about their community. Not those politic craps. Well cheers for OpenBSD, Theo, OpenBSD Developers and the communities.

I never so right about this. Freedom !!!


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