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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Eve

This Christmas eve its gonna be like a movie to me, all my parents are leaving also my lil sista and my lil brother. I'm like starring movie, "Home Alone" precisely. They just went yesterday, but I already got anxious.

I dont have any plan at all for the Christmas eve, I dunno where to spend it. At home maybe the last thing on my mind, thats the worst scene. So many offers came to me, some just want to go to church with me, some ask me to go out and have Christmas eve dinner along with mates.

I dunno what to choose, I just got dilemma for all those options. Cant decide !!

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LG featuring PRADA

I know that fashion phone is not new to us now, I dont know who brought out the fashion phone idea. But its spreading wide, not also the function but the "fashion" thing is also needed to all customers. And maybe that is the reason why LG and PRADA joined to build their new fashion phone.

LG and PRADA announced that their latest product KE850 mobile phone, one of the handsets that entered the iF Product Design Award 2007. I dont know how much big the screen will be, but with 240x400 resolution its gonna be pretty big.

LG wont be alone now. LG has PRADA to go along with this phone.I heard that the price will be somewhere between $400 and $500 and also that the handset will be launched at first in five select European countries, with a US launch planned later on. So LG lovers you have to wait.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Gadget Freak

After a few quick view at the , I was looking arround for the latest O2.
The O2 ATOM EXEC seemed nice for the next Pocket PC to replace my XDA II MINI. I love so much with the "Smart Phone" or "Pocket PC". Coz they are so smart and so mobile, like carrying extra brain. I know it costs us more, than the ordinary phone. But, it makes life easier for me. But every people have their own thoughts about cell phones.

All I need for my phone that it can help me a lot. With extra softwares to that phone we can have our own secretary or assistant, thats why it called PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). For the fast moving person it helps a lot, trust me for this one. We can arrange our expenses with Accounting software, we can keep up2date with little GPRS thing we also can keep sync'ing with our PC at home. And there are so many things you can do with a phone.

I used to use "Smart Phone", it uses SYMBIAN as its operating system (OS). I used it almost for 2.5 years, it was a great phone with MP3 player and many softwares. Then I changed it to use the Windows 2003 SE cell phone which operating in my XDA II MINI. Which is more greater then SYMBIAN that I used to have. Even the open source give their shot with the Linux Zaurus.

We can see now days the cell phone its so glamorous, with extra mega-pixels camera and MP3 player with GBs storage. Its so outrageous, with that kinda storage we can keep more than 1000 songs. But what for ? Are we gonna listen to all those songs ? I dont think so, it will be useless for me.But, maybe not for you. So its all up to you.

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Champions League Without a Champion

My lovely teamWatching todays news about football not like the way I used to.
I used to have a great expectation about my team.
Now, they don't even play at Champions League.
They are struggling to get out from Serie B.
I got to wait for another year, to watch 'em play at Champions League.

This year the Brits (Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester Utd) are taking over the Champions League,
they are dominating the League. Italians team only participate, they show us nothing.
Poor defending by the Italian teams.
Even the French Teams, specially Lyon show us how to play football.
So how come the Italian football getting weaker ?
They just won the WC 2006.

I'm waiting for my team
C'mon JUVENTUS !!!!!!!

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