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Monday, March 12, 2007

12th Mega Bazaar Komputer

This weekend really helped me out, howto judge on things. Yesterday, me and my friend Adi Ridwansyah
took long walk just to find out 'cheap' storage. He was looking for 1Gb USB Flash Disk, and me was for the 1Gb SD card for my PocketPC. That running out space from long time ago. We were looking at the 12th Mega Bazaar Komputer at JCC, from Hall A,B to the JCC's Main lobby.

It was so hot, cant feel the Air Conditioner. Because the place were crowded by people that want to search cheapest price for computer hardwares and other stuffs.So, no wonder we were urging to death just to find the 'right' price.

After 1 hour of pain we finally arrived to the right place. They were selling 1 Gb Flash Disk for Rp 90,000 ($10) and 1Gb SD card for Rp 100,000 ($11). Quiet cheap, right? My SD already has the fast read feature, so lucky me, eh ?Last time I asked a store at Mangga Dua it was
about Rp 150,000 ($16.5).

Adi bought a digi-cam for his friend, a BenQ. Kinda nice cam, but I think less feature than supposed to. He bought it about Rp 990,000 ($107), it has 5 MP which is not bad. But, I just dont feel it. I knew its not mine, but I think it was like burning your

And looked like this Bazaar more to the Laptops, the area filled with so many Laptops from low to hi end spec. I think the organizer needs to improve the comfort it self. Cause, I didnt feel comfty.


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